High ratio 304 bronze matte stainless steel sheet with random striations

High ratio 304 bronze matte stainless steel sheet with random striations

Model No.︰GB-1053

Brand Name︰Foshan Gaobi

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 36.33 / pc

Minimum Order︰36.33 pc

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Product Description

And grain of stainless steel sand grain is spread from Europe to China, the first appeared in Beijing, sand grain from a distance is a circle of sand grain sister Cheng, near the non-standard random grain, is from grinding head up and down about irregular swing into. Stainless Steel and Grain Board also called Stainless Steel Grain Board, it is by the most advanced equipment and then in the color grinding head and continuously swing to complete, and this kind of stainless steel grain has a very unique effect, very far look like a circle of spiral, if you look very close to the word is like a mess. Because of the special lines on the surface of stainless steel, it has better wear resistance, scratch resistance and fingerprint resistance than ordinary stainless steel plate. And relative to the Matte Plate, wire drawing plate and other common plate, stainless steel and grain plate significantly more high-grade, outstanding. Therefore, when the stainless steel random pattern plate from Europe into China, it has been favored by various industries, widely used in decorative engineering, furniture, mechanical equipment decoration, kitchen cabinet panels and other fields. Stainless steel corrugated plate also known as vibration grain or grain plate, through the machine on stainless steel surface continuous pressure grinding, forming irregular short horizontal bending wire. Processed and the grain plate and ordinary plate surface different, the overall surface wear resistance, anti-scratch, wear resistance is also superior to other steel. The surface anti-fingerprint effect of stainless steel random stripe plate is much higher than that of common stainless steel.

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